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"Like Him"
"Like Him" 03-05-07

If I could only be like him, that would be great
but I'm me instead...that I hate..
To be so colorful, so visually charismatic,
to live so freely. When I met him I was ecstatic
but he is just like me, his poem told it so
if he could see me now, if only he could know
how far I've come, who he inspired me to be
he'd say "that kid in the crowd turned out to be just like me"
and I'd say "thank you for the biggest compliment of all"
2 crazy people existing to inspire and that's wonderful.
2 forms of entertainment living the dream
putting our hearts on the line just to hear them scream.
If I could only be like him, I'd be a mess...
God save the reckless, save us both from this madness


Категория: Поэмы | Добавил: VlainStani (2007-09-03)
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