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"Basterds" 6-15-06

Its about time, not to shine but to die
As your tangled up and choke on your lies
In a world where "I'm sorry" just won't cut it
Now everyone must pick up the pieces cuz YOU fucked it
YOU broke it, its come to an end
Living a ruined life, thank you my friend
Saw it coming from a mile away
Like a deer caught in headlights, like an idiot I stayed
Now I'm def, mute, crippled in fear
Stuck and can't go anywhere but here
With an open wound and nothing you can do
How about having your cake and choking on it too?
Couldn't look at the sun before, was too bright
Now I stare for hours and the ends in sight
And now its time, not to shine but to die
And your left with your beginning question.....why??

Категория: Поэмы | Добавил: VlainStani (2007-09-03)
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