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"Damage Plan"
"Damage Plan"

I'm over it now and feel so fuckn ugly
This war in my head continues to bug me

She didn't call, fuck it nobody did
How do you go from the heart break
to the heart broken kid?

I fall too easily to the bottom floor
Show me a little love and I'd die for a little more
A little more is all I need,
An addict hooked now feed my greed!

FUCK IT SCREW IT, I'm on my own
The poster child for bein alone
So thank you, fuck you all in one
Story of my life "your not the one"
I'm over it now and feel so fuckn lonely
This war in my life continues to own me...*

Категория: Поэмы | Добавил: VlainStani (2007-09-03)
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