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"Man or boy?"
"Man or boy?" 10-15-02

A man looks in2 the mirror,
what does he see?
The man before him, or the boy he used 2 be?
Wondering how the boy developed in2 a man so fast,
what happened 2 time?
When did "The Future" become "The PAST"??
Thinking of the life he's led
scared 2 death of what lies ahead.
2 the man he hasn't changed a day in his life,
but now he's old enough 2 take a wife
How did he get where he is now?
When did wishing turn 2 how?
This is no man, only a boy could be so torn,
so hurt, so emotionally worn..
PICK yourself up man! YOU CAN!
Look in2 the mirror, what does he see?
He sees the man, and the boy...
He sees....me...*

Категория: Поэмы | Добавил: VlainStani (2007-09-03)
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