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These thoughts go beyond sight
we're all blind, closed minds see no light
only vision is what two holes show
so much more to "reality" than what we know
too many see life as all there is
see the world for what it really is
my body keeps me "here", my spirit sees beyond "here"
beyond my eyes that only show fear
where always holding on, afraid to let go
what happens when you do? when you do, you'll know
we all "are" and exist, but more than we comprehend
cant think you "are", know it, don't pretend
body and mind be humbled and in awe of what's around us.
think and appreciate
knowledge is a gift
but ignorance to it all is bliss...*

Категория: Поэмы | Добавил: VlainStani (2007-09-03)
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